The Winery

Welcome to Kalamos Winery

Kalamos Winery is 20 minutes’ drive from Paphos‬ town, in the traditional wine village of Amargeti. A family owned business that began its journey from vine cultivators and wine producers that eventually grew into a regional business.

Nicos and his two sons, Thanasis and Michael now produce limited edition, quality wine and wine products, delivered direct to your home or venue all year round.

The ‪‎winery produces quality local wines like red and white, dry, semi-dry and sweet. Moreover liqueurs, ‪Commandaria‬ and Zivania‬ are amongst the selected products that Kalamos has to offer.

Superb afternoon. We tasted everything we wanted to try and ended up sitting with the local gents drinking zivania and being welcomed into the village. Such amazing hospitality. Then left with a free bottle of the “Rodi” liqueur, a gift from Thanasis, and some money knock off our purchase! Definitely worth a visit. What lovely gentlemen.

Kalamos Rose wine, is my favourite wine

Steve Muggleton

Best theme, best documentation. Works like a charm. And they are relying on their own code, not asking you to download a bunch of plug-ins.

Andrea Hunter
Phone: +357 26 723224
Kira Eleni, 6, 8642 Amargeti, Paphos, Cyprus